And live an adventure of unique experiences around the world

More than 13 years ago we decided to create an unusual Travel Agency, a Singular Travel Agency. Ana Maria Tutzo, honorary president of Viajes Singulares Travel Designers, imagined creating a company where she could sell the trips she always dreamed of; “I love to stop in the landscape without thinking about anything and fondly remember my journeys that have left a deep mark on my curious spirit. I feel singular energies in the inhospitable landscapes that I have discovered. I remember anecdotes from fellow travelers, experiences and experiences that I try to share with my travelers”. Ana Maria Tutzo
He decided to show what others do not see, to make people feel the pleasure of traveling, to look for the uniqueness of each country, the singular”. And together with his daughter and her partner Belén Parpal, they decided to create an agency that was committed to customer service, bringing new approaches and experiences to each trip. Both enjoy leaving their essence in what they do.
Now we are a human team, a travel professional; unique, exclusive, romantic, cultural, risky, fun and breaking with the routine and reinventing each trip according to the traveler's personality, this is how our Singular Trips are created.
More than 30 years of experience guarantee us, "we are a very traveling family and our goal is to form families of travelers".



Ana Maria Tutzo

Ana Maria Tutzo

President of Singular Trips

I have always believed in the multicultural power of the exchange with Countries and their cultures, they are learning, they are experiences. Since my childhood, being part of a family of great travelers, my interest and then my passion for Travel awoke.
I like to work in a team, generously, getting involved and giving the maximum of my time, getting involved in the development of the client's idea, in short, I have fun, I enjoy it.
Traveling is the greatest source of relaxation and oxygenation that exists, it generates tolerance and the emotion of living experiences with intensity.
The unknown is a source of creativity.


bethlehem parpal

bethlehem parpal

Director of Singular Trips

The mixture of my roots has given me a vision of the world full of nuances that, together with the trips with my parents and their diversity of friends, have made me understand that traveling makes you more tolerant of the world, teaching you to respect and be respected. I believe that a trip not only brings you new experiences, but also leaves a mark on your person that marks you forever. I feel proud and happy to work on what I like the most, making people happy and adding value to their lives. 


Jose Chicano

Jose Chicano

Cultural Travel Advisor

Since my adolescence, traveling has been with me and I always knew that it would be my work purpose.

With more than 20 years of experience in the travel agency sector, it allows me to offer personalized advice for any travel plan. I have traveled and visited many places in the world and therefore I know the advantages and circumstances of each place.

My work as a guide accompanying groups, both in Spain and in the rest of the world, has given me peace of mind and enthusiasm for travel, in all its facets.


Violet Ionescu

Violet Ionescu

Travel Advisor

My first contact with travel was at Fitur for several years. That's when I got the bug of wanting to know more about the world, visit different countries, get to know new cultures and explore singular and unique corners. And fate had prepared a surprise for me by putting Singular Journeys in my path. 



They have already lived an adventure with us

Super nice and great organization

An extraordinary agency, with good taste and good prices. The team is super nice and attentive to everything we need
I will always travel with them.
All the trips that I have done in a group have been great. Thanks for all the attention

Martha Oviedo

excellent agency

Excellent agency in every way, both the value for money and the treatment on their part and always attentive to all the needs that the client may have on the trip. I will always travel with them

Maria del Mar Rosario

100% recommendable

They are very kind and responsible. They give you a lot of peace of mind by helping you solve any issues that may arise on the trip. And immediately a pleasant atmosphere is created in the group. I recommend them among my friends.

Augustine Lidon


I had been following them for some time and we finally made a trip through Japan with them. The experience has been unbeatable and for me they have taken the world of travel to the next level

Roberto Fernández

A fantastic experience

Responsible, well organized trips and with very good prices.

Lydia Santos